Saturday, August 9, 2008

(51) Yoga, (73) Farmers Market, (84) 365-Self Portrait

Ack! So I still haven't actually taken the time to learn some basic yoga and start doing it. I'll find a quick youtube video or something and at least do 10 minutes tomorrow morning to start.

We're also going to the farmer's market tomorrow so that'll be my once-every-three-months visit. It's so far away so I didn't want to push it and set a goal for once/month, but I'd like to go that frequently if we can.

Oh, Chris and I will be starting the 365 day self-portrait challenge very soon so stay tuned! I expect I'll update once/week on that with 7 thumbnails of that week's pictures.

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Crimsonred said...

I had a yoga video reccomended to me. I haven't bought it yet but I'll let you know. It's for people that aren't built like a string. It accounts for boobers and such in the poses.