Sunday, August 3, 2008

(43) Get a library card

So we apparently have an awesome library in our neighborhood and didn't even know it. We've been in that building twice to vote, but hadn't actually gone into the library part. Well recently, a friend of mine who doesn't live as close told me she drives all the way out to this library because of their children's program. Didn't really apply to us so other than a quick "oh, that's pretty neat", I didn't give it much more thought.

Well, Chris reads a lot of books and while we have a lot at home, he's read most of them already, some at least twice. Buying new ones or even ones at Half Price Books can add up quick. Silly me didn't even think about the library and the fact that we could probably borrow movies there as well. The last library I had a card to was the one in my parents' neighborhood and I remembered it being fairly small (that was years ago though) so that impression stuck in my head.

Boy am I kicking myself for not getting a card earlier! Not only is this library huge, they're quite technologically advanced. Maybe this is something a lot of libraries are doing, but I wouldn't know. We didn't have much time as they were closing, but here's what we borrowed today:

We did the self checkout with our new card and walked out. It was awesome! You can even go on their website and put holds on books or renew what you have. Libraries have definitely come a long way. Because of the subdivision we live in, our application fee was waived...I guess this is yet another reason our property taxes are so incredibly high. :)


Crimsonred said...

I need to do that myself. I haven't checked the library out in Manor...looks small.

Yeah maybe you can offset some of those high property taxes by saving on books and movies ;)

Tabatha said...

Wow...that is cool! Maybe I should get a library card too....