Tuesday, July 29, 2008

(54) Movie List

Managed to DVR some older movies off of TCM and watched "Some Like It Hot" tonight. For 1959, it's quite entertaining and the plot kept moving and the ending made me laugh so I think it was a success. I look forward to seeing some of the other older movies from the 30-50's.

One down, 99 to go! There are 3 being recorded on August 2nd so I expect we'll have a classic movie marathon Sunday or something. :)

Sunday, July 27, 2008

(29) No computer & (33) recycling

1 month down, 33 to go! I had so much going on yesterday, I decided to fight the urge to turn on the computer when I got home in the evening and ride it out until this morning. So there's my day in July.

Also, we recycled for the first time this past Friday. Had a bunch of cans and water bottles so that's a start! I know it will take a while to adjust and actually think about stuff before throwing it away, but it shouldn't take too long to establish a system and make it a habit. :)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Random updates

Some quick updates that are serving more as a reminder for me. :)

Started the 100 push-up challenge last night and decided to be realistic and do wimpy girl/knee push-ups instead of regular ones... After I finish that challenge, I'll do it again, but with regular push-ups instead.

Found the recycle bin buried in the garage and will be starting the pile tonight. After glancing into the full trash can this past weekend, I realized just how many bottles and cans we throw away so I'm really excited to get that pile going.

Made a spreadsheet of the top 100 IMDB movies and notated which ones either I or a friend has so that we can get started on those. Then we'll probably join Netflix (might be available through the Xbox 360 by then!) to watch the rest.

I'll be making a copy of my dad's yoga dvd he got last week. It might be more hardcore than I need, but it's a start. If it's too advanced for a beginner like myself, I'll look for basic videos online and start there.

Think I'll mail something to PostSecret within the next week. That's an easy one...

I have a friend who teaches guitar lessons so hopefully we can work out a deal or something. Not too worried about that one.

For the public speaking class, I was informed of a very supportive group called Toastmasters. For a small membership fee, you meet once/week and have self-paced speaking exercises. I think I'll look into meeting places/times and at least sit through one to see if it floats my boat.

Same kind of deal for Habitat for Humanity. There are opportunities every weekend in Austin so that shouldn't be too difficult to do. I think I'll wait until fall or winter to do this though. :)

I'll be going through the pantry to get rid of any canned and dry goods that we've kept for months and either make something with it or just collect it to give to a food bank nearby. We can't even step into the pantry because there are so many boxes and random bags on the floor from when we moved in (2 yrs ago!) so yeah. I'll definitely get a before/after pic for that one.

Oh, to clarify, I'll be getting an eye exam and new glasses first and then will find out if I can even get Lasik at this point. My current contact prescription doesn't seem as good as it was so I'm sure I'll need a stronger prescription first.

And OMG, I found out Avenue Q is coming to Austin next April so that'll be my Broadway show (there aren't many others that I'm dying to see). So, yay! :)

Ok, I wrote way more than I intended so that's all for now. :)

Monday, July 21, 2008

Here we go! (1)

I first saw this concept on Tabatha's Blog and realized that's exactly what I need right now to motivate myself to get stuff done. What better way to feel productive than to cross off a checklist you're advertising to the world? Here are the details...

The Mission:
Complete 101 preset tasks in a period of 1001 days.

The Criteria:
Tasks must be specific (ie, no ambiguity in the wording) with a result that is either measurable or clearly defined. Tasks must also be realistic and stretching (ie, represent some amount of work on my part).

Why 1001 Days?
Many people have created lists in the past - frequently simple goals such as New Year's resolutions. The key to beating procrastination is to set a deadline that is realistic. 1001 Days (about 2.75 years) is a better period of time than a year, because it allows you several seasons to complete the tasks, which is better for organizing and timing some tasks such as overseas trips or outdoor activities.

Well, here goes....

1) Finish writing my 101 list
2) Take guitar lessons
3) Learn another language (Rosetta perhaps?)
4) Finish laser hair removal treatments
5) Get laser eye correction
6) Take a public speaking class
7) Install a shower door in the master bath
8) Finish painting all interior rooms
9) Organize all digital pictures
10) Install a deck in the backyard
11) Plant trees in the backyard
12) Make a baby :)
13) Learn to drive stick...comfortably
14) Take a welding class
15) Skydive
16) Go to a movie solo
17) Watch entire series of "Six Feet Under"
18) Finish watching entire series of "Battlestar Gallactica"
19) Write a will
20) Get down to 130 lbs
21) Read one book every month
22) Write one snail mail every month
23) Start a garden (and keep it alive!)
24) Create and stick to a solid budget
25) Pay off all cc debt
26) Vote in the '08 election
27) Organize kitchen, clean out food, unused dishware, etc
28) Organize all clothes and give away all unused
29) Go one day without a computer every month
30) Recycle everything possible at home
31) Go for a bike ride once a month
32) Make a time capsule
33) Drive a considerable amount on Route 66
34) Visit Hawaii
35) Eat vegetarian for one month
36) Frame all unframed pictures/posters
37) Clear/organize garage to be able to fit one car
38) Change all interior door knobs
39) Learn to cook Indian food, the way my parents make it
40) Refinish/seal wood floor
41) Install tile in living room
42) Join a community band for at least 6 months
43) Get a library card
44) Blog about each completed task
45) Volunteer for Habitat for Humanity
46) Buy new glasses
47) Buy a new washer/dryer
48) Read "1984"
49) Buy a new bed
50) Buy new bedroom furniture
51) Learn and do yoga once a week
52) Host a murder mystery game
53) Buy a new digital camera
54) Watch IMDB's top 100 movies (yes, even ones I've seen before)
55) Mail a secret to PostSecret
56) Save $5 for every task completed
57) Enter all finances into Quicken
58) Participate in a 5k
59) Participate in a 10k
60) Build a shed in the backyard
61) Detail the CR-V interior once a month
62) Clean off work desk to minimize clutter
63) Put round rubber bumpers on all cabinets in house
64) Go to one major concert a year
65) Sing a karaoke song
66) Take dancing lessons of some sort
67) Visit a country outside of North America
68) Wear make-up more often
69) Make Tiramisu
70) Make Rasgula successfully
71) Visit 5 places in USA's top 41 wonders
72) Get another tattoo
73) Go to the farmer's market once every 3 months
74) Run a mile without stopping
75) Go orienteering
76) Finally look in the attic
77) Get life insurance
78) Have 3 months of income in savings
79) Floss every day for a month
80) Drink only water for one month
81) See a play at a theatre once a month for 6 months
82) Complete the 100 Push-up Challenge
83) Participate in the Gimme Your Stuff project
84) Complete the self-portrait based 365 Days Photo project
85) Complete a 1000-piece puzzle
86) Pay for the person behind me in a drive-through
87) Try one new recipe every month
88) See a Broadway musical/show
89) Go scuba diving
90) Learn more Gujarati
91) Get both cats microchipped
92) See Jamiroquai live
93) Put 18's on CR-V
94) Go to the Texas State Fair
95) Buy a Wii
96) Go camping
97) Meditate once a month
98) Try Acupuncture
99) Have a multi-family garage sale
100) Attend a UT football game
101) Start a new 101 list

I have added 2 lists to the right side - the 101 things list and the top 100 IMDB movies list for quick updating and viewing. I will also be blogging about each completed task (44) and putting the item # in each post title...including this one. :) 100 more to go...