Wednesday, August 20, 2008

(21) Perfect Start

Whew! I finally finished it! I posted about this book on my other blog a while back. If I hadn't taken time out of my schedule to just relax and read - exactly what this book promotes - I wouldn't have finished this quickly. As I read, I kept seeing more and more similarities between myself and the examples in the book. It was definitely eye opening in an almost painful way, but also in a liberating way because I knew there were other people out there that felt the same way or even more obsessed. One of the last chapters was about parenting and it really became evident that my perfectionist ways were definitely a result of how I was raised. Sure, I can almost guarantee that some of it is genetic, but with both nurture and nature taking part, I couldn't get around it.

Anyway, I definitely absorbed a lot of good advice and I'm learning to just let things go if they don't go completely my way or as I want it to be. There is more than one path to a goal. I'm a total control freak so it's tough letting go, but I'm determined to work on it, especially when we have kids. I think I'll read "1984" next so I can knock out another goal.

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Jennifer said...

sounds like an interesting book. I'm starting to enjoy non-fiction books lately myself.