Monday, November 17, 2008

Where'd I go?

Yeah, I'm not really sure where I went. I was physically here, but mentally, I've been anywhere but. Anyway, I have SO many things to post about, but I'll just make a quick list of things to remind me to make longer posts later (and to make sure everyone knew I was still alive and well and at least trying to keep up)...

Movies I've seen and still need to post about:

- The Professional
- Amelie
- Fight Club

There are at least 10 movies on the DVR (I love my AT&T Uverse!) and probably 20+ in our collection that we need to start watching. We had a solid groove of watching 2-3/week a couple months ago, but who knew we'd be busy as the holidays crept closer? :)

Let's see...I also completed the following:

- Vote in the '08 election
- Participate in a 5k
- Read one book every month (x2)
- New recipe every month (x2)
- Attend a UT football game

Things I just can't seem to do on a regular basis:

- Ride bike once/month
- Yoga once/week
- Meditate once/month
- Detail CR-V interior once/month

I feel like I've failed the ones above, but I need to remind myself that I'm really bad about starting routines, but once I repeat it a few times, I'm set. I need to actually schedule it in and make no excuses. They really don't take that much time so I'll see if I can put more effort into these and at least do it for a majority of the 1001 days. :)

Things I've started, never finished and will have to restart again:

- 100-Push-up challenge
- 365 Days Photo project (will start again on Jan 1st to make it easier to track)

And finally, things that I'd like to finish (that are more than feasible) before the end of the year:

- Clear/organize garage to be able to fit one car
- Buy new washer/dryer (if Sears or Home Depot will give me a good deal on Black Friday)
- Mail a secret to PostSecret
- Clean off work desk to minimize clutter
- Visit 5 places in USA's top 41 wonders (going to NYC in a month!)
- Pay for the person behind me in a drive-through
- Finish laser hair removal treatments (I may need one more appt in '09, but we'll see)

Ok, after listing everything out like that, I don't feel so bad about the things I haven't done and have at least given myself a renewed burst of motivation to get back to it. Hopefully I can post some pictures and movie reviews soon...


Café Chick said...

Wow - you sure have been busy! Congrats on the 5K; that's a huge achievement. It's the ongoing goals that are often the hardest to achieve, which is why I tried to make mine a little more flexible to allow for unforseen circumstances. Having said that, I'm not sure I'll finish reading my book this month ...

Jennifer said...

you should make the goal for some of those like riding the bike once a month as attaining that as a habit during the 1001, such that by the end of the 1001 you are consistently doing it. otherwise it's too many changes at once.

Nisha said...

Jenn, that's a good point and idea. :) I didn't want to change anything after I started, but it makes sense especially since I didn't really reach the goal anyway. Thanks!

Crimsonred said...

I'd wondered where your blog went...