Sunday, September 28, 2008

(54) Movie List

Watched "Raiders of the Lost Ark" last night. I'm a huge fan of the series and have a small warm place in my heart for Harrison Ford. My personal favorite is "...The Last Crusade" because well, I'm young and that was was the last one made (not including the 4th one this year), but each one has its good qualities. For 1981, "Raiders" is pretty impressive for the effects and action. I can't really come up with a review, but thought I'd mention some trivia, for those who haven't heard it yet.

So Harrison Ford was really sick (from dehydration, I believe) when they were taping the following scene and he apparently decided to cut the scene short and just pull out his gun rather than do this elaborate scene with his whip. The swordsman had been practicing that scene for months and wasn't too happy with this change but it definitely served for some good comic relief and helped set the stage for what type of character Indiana Jones is. :)

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