Friday, November 28, 2008

(54) Movie List


I've been on a movie watching kick lately and it feels good to get these knocked off the list and my life a little touched by each one. There are so many movies on the DVR and I have no clue what the available memory is so I knew I needed to start getting through those soon. The problem is that they are/were all in the top 100 IMDB movies so I can count on them to have depth and complexity so it takes a certain level of attention to fully appreciate them. I don't do well with those so I have to make sure I'm getting a good variety when I watch them. The older movies tend to have more humor and/or lightheartedness so I prefer those over the more deep, reflective ones of recent past.

Anyway, on to the movie. I've got to say, I was a little hesitant to watch this one because of Jack Nicholson. When I hear that name, only one character comes to mind - The Joker. Then a few other movies sprinkle in - The Shining, As Good As It Gets, Anger Management, etc - but none of those are as significant in my head. I was pleasantly surprised at his character's dry wit and cynicism. Sure, several of his roles have involved that type of personality, but I really haven't had much exposure to most of his movies so it wasn't over the top for me. I do enjoy the occasional crime drama type show/movie so this had enough twists and turns to keep me interested. I will say though, I've never seen someone be cut into their nose like that (see above pic) so yeah, that was a bit painful to watch, but I guess it could've been worse. The ending definitely left me with a bad taste in my mouth though...I won't ruin it, but let's just say movies aren't made (or don't end) like they used to.

As with all the movies I've watched so far, I definitely recommend it, but it mostly appeals to those who like (or don't dislike) Nicholson and enjoy crime drama type movies.

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