Wednesday, September 17, 2008

(16) Solo movie

I think I have my solo movie figured out. This has been difficult the past couple weeks because Chris and I often agree on movies worth seeing (read as: paying to see) in the theater. We both prefer to make the most out of the full-screen experience and see primarily action/suspense type movies. If we see a comedy, we either won free tickets or we will have gone with a larger group of people. I'm not really the chick flick type and I try to stay away from kids movies because well, I'm paying to see a movie, not to hear kids talk/cry through the whole thing. It's much cheaper and more enjoyable renting them on DVD anyway.

We have a handful of free movie passes (no restrictions whatsoever) that have to be used by November so I was feeling the pressure to pick something quickly as well as the urge to cross something off the list. So anyway, I finally got a few recommendations and made the decision so I'll be checking it out next Monday (while Chris is in class) and afterwards, you will find out what I saw and how it scored on the Nisha-meter. :)


Crimsonred said...

Dude, No fair. I want to know the movie now.

Crimsonred said...

Also I noticed on your list that you haven't seen the Dark Knight yet??

I thought you had.

Nisha said...

Here's a hint - it's a comedy. :)

I saw 'Dark Knight' opening week, which was before my 1001 days start of July 21st... and honestly, I thought I would have already seen it again at IMAX or something, but we've been too busy. I know we'll buy it when it comes out on DVD. :)