Thursday, January 29, 2009

(87) New recipe every month

Ok, I think I need to make these posts shorter so I don't feel like I'm writing a novel every time I post. I feel like I have so many updates to make, but I never want to sit for several hours at a time to post updates. When I write, I tend to proofread...a lot.

In September, I tried to make yogurt from scratch. My parents have made their own yogurt for years and I wanted to give it a shot. I tried to use store-bought yogurt for the starter culture, but it just didn't produce the same results, but nonetheless, it still produced some semi-firm yogurt that I ate a couple times before throwing out. I made way too much, I think. Here's a picture of the final product:

Then I tried to make Crème Brûlée in... October? Or maybe it was November. Yeah, looking back, I watched Amelie at the same time so it was definitely November. Here are a couple pictures:

I have yet to get a picture of the final product (after torching the sugar layer), but if I wait until I actually catch a picture, I'll never get around to posting this so deal with it. :)

Hm...what else have I made? Oh, last week, I bought a giant bag of baby spinach to get more nutrients while I was sick and I realized I could just cook and reduce it down. I know it's best to eat it raw, but I had some issues chewing so the softer the food, the better. It really reminded me of indian food so it hit the spot. I've tried sauteing it in just butter and in a dash of chicken broth and preferred the latter, flavorwise, but I'm perfectly fine with butter (I use Smart Balance butter blend). Sorry, no pictures of the spinach - deal with it. :)

For December, I needed to come up with some sort of party crock-pot dish and decided to try a cranberry meatball sauce. I did some research online to find any recipes and decided to keep things as simple as possible and use the basic ingredients from those recipes. So... I threw together a can of cranberry sauce and a bottle (or two) of sweet/tangy BBQ sauce. That's it. You have to mash/puree the cranberry sauce to make sure it blends well with the BBQ sauce and then just heat it up with the meatballs. Yum!

Ok, that's all for recipes. I'll update on a few other things soon.

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