Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Random updates

Some quick updates that are serving more as a reminder for me. :)

Started the 100 push-up challenge last night and decided to be realistic and do wimpy girl/knee push-ups instead of regular ones... After I finish that challenge, I'll do it again, but with regular push-ups instead.

Found the recycle bin buried in the garage and will be starting the pile tonight. After glancing into the full trash can this past weekend, I realized just how many bottles and cans we throw away so I'm really excited to get that pile going.

Made a spreadsheet of the top 100 IMDB movies and notated which ones either I or a friend has so that we can get started on those. Then we'll probably join Netflix (might be available through the Xbox 360 by then!) to watch the rest.

I'll be making a copy of my dad's yoga dvd he got last week. It might be more hardcore than I need, but it's a start. If it's too advanced for a beginner like myself, I'll look for basic videos online and start there.

Think I'll mail something to PostSecret within the next week. That's an easy one...

I have a friend who teaches guitar lessons so hopefully we can work out a deal or something. Not too worried about that one.

For the public speaking class, I was informed of a very supportive group called Toastmasters. For a small membership fee, you meet once/week and have self-paced speaking exercises. I think I'll look into meeting places/times and at least sit through one to see if it floats my boat.

Same kind of deal for Habitat for Humanity. There are opportunities every weekend in Austin so that shouldn't be too difficult to do. I think I'll wait until fall or winter to do this though. :)

I'll be going through the pantry to get rid of any canned and dry goods that we've kept for months and either make something with it or just collect it to give to a food bank nearby. We can't even step into the pantry because there are so many boxes and random bags on the floor from when we moved in (2 yrs ago!) so yeah. I'll definitely get a before/after pic for that one.

Oh, to clarify, I'll be getting an eye exam and new glasses first and then will find out if I can even get Lasik at this point. My current contact prescription doesn't seem as good as it was so I'm sure I'll need a stronger prescription first.

And OMG, I found out Avenue Q is coming to Austin next April so that'll be my Broadway show (there aren't many others that I'm dying to see). So, yay! :)

Ok, I wrote way more than I intended so that's all for now. :)

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Tabatha said...

Send me your movie spreadsheet...I've got a ton of movies. Not sure how many are exactly on that list, but I'll help you out where I can!!